BrycesDice The Macaw Red/Yellow/Blue with Gold Numbers Dice - Set of 7


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From the manufacturer:

"The Macaw" 7-Dice Set BD1001

- 7-Dice Set

- Tri-Color Blend Red, Yellow, and Blue with hints of green from the blend.

-Gold Numbers

- This is the first set of dice put out by BrycesDice!

Variance this method of dice blending is tricky and to some extent inconsistent. Some sets are super heavy in red, while others have more yellow, and more yet still have more blue. Overall I think the sets have a great look and playable and collectable appeal. 

Package: Dice come in small white box with label affixed. The box and label are likely the first step as I develop a better way to store and present the dice for market in my own unique way. For now I am pleased with the overall aesthetic of these.

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