Forged Dice Co. Dice Arena Rolling Tray and Storage

Forged Dice Co.

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From the manufacturer:

“It is a good day to die.” The old trainer muttered as Caltrix passed him and stepped through the gate into an octagonal chamber. The crowd above him roared at his entrance as he turned and replied, “Not if I have anything to do with it.”

Honor your dice with a sanctum that celebrates their fate-determining power and showcases their polyhedral prowess. With the Forged Dice Co Dice Arena, you do more than cast your dice, you engage your game.

Features include:

•Faux Black Dragon Hide - Has the look and feel reminiscent of real wyrm skin.

•1.125” Deep Arena - Cast your dice into a gladiatorial chamber built for heroic battle.

•Upper Deck Dice Showcase - Displays your prized polyhedrals while making them easily accessible for quick saves, critical hit rolls, and initiative victories.

•Luxurious Velvet Playing Surface - Caresses your dice and helps prevent rogue rolls and role-play-induced injuries.

Transport, use and display your dice with the honor and pride they deserve with the Forged Dice Co Dice Arena.

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