About Splat Gaming

Splat is a goblin.  Splat might roll a 1 on *nearly* every dexterity save he makes, but he only rolls 20's when it comes to delivering all your table top gaming needs. Browse his selection of pre-painted and un-painted minis, dice and other gaming accessories, and enhance your gaming experience with Splat Gaming!


Splat Gaming is a family owned and operated business out of Burleson, Texas.  D&D has long been a passion for me, and it has been amazing to watch it blossom into the crazy popular phenomenon it has become.  Equally as awesome is all the cool merchandise that has been hitting the market alongside that new popularity.  However; so much of it is scattered across the wild frontier that is the web, and it isn't always easy to find.

And so, Splat Gaming was formed in May of 2019.  I wanted to bring all the cool stuff together under one roof, and hopefully help other passionate gamers like myself find things they might never have found otherwise.  We have a HUGE presence at gaming and other related conventions in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex (like, we literally take the whole inventory and set up shop for 3-4 days), but virtually everything is also available for online purchase.

As a small operation, I seek to keep a very WIDE selection, but I maintain fairly low inventory of each item, and don't automatically re-order some products.  I tell you this to say: if you don't see something you are looking for, please contact us through any of the many channels found on this site, and I'll see what I can do.  I work with over 10 different distributors and manufacturers, and many can ship to me next day.


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