Reaper Bones Ultra-Coverage Paint Set #5


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From the manufacturer:

This paint set includes 16 half-ounce (.5 oz) bottles of Bones Ultra-Coverage acrylic paints, specifically designed for miniatures painting. These paints are water-soluble, fast drying, easy to clean, airbrush friendly, and have a matte finish. Bones Ultra-Coverage Paints are ideal for metal, resin, or plastic miniatures! Comes in Reaper's newly designed hard plastic carrying case!

Paints included are:
9465 Skeleton Key
9466 Dungeon Grey
9467 Crimson Red
9468 Brilliant Red
9469 Fireball Orange
9470 Golden Yellow
9471 Bright Turquoise
9472 Dragon Blue
9473 Gem Purple
9474 Caucasian Flesh
9475 Maiden Flesh
9476 Woodland Brown
9477 Witchcraft Purple
9478 Solid White
9479 Solid Black
9480 Blue Flame

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