Warpaints: Runewars - Waiqar the Undying Paint Set

The Army Painter

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From the manufacturer:

The great powers of Terrinoth have clashed countless times over the ages, spilling the blood of man and beast alike on the battlefields of war. Through innumerable battles, armies have maneuvered and conquered, and legendary commanders have risen from the ashes to lead their warriors to victory and greatness. Now, you can take your place among those hallowed captains with Runewars Miniatures Game, a miniatures game of tactical, rank-and-file warfare, set in the realm of Terrinoth!

This paint set contains 10 specially selected colours you need to paint our Reanimates, Carrion Lancers and all the rest of the Waiqar the Undying.

The Waiqar Undying Paint Set contains:

10 Warpaints
Dragon Red
Leather Brown
Drake tooth
Skeleton Bone
Castle Grey
Plate Mail Metal
Hydra Turquoise
Wasteland Soil
Dark Tone
1 Brush
A 24 page Army Painting Guide

Please note:

Each paint pot holds on average 17ml of paint.
These paints can be used in conjunction with the Starter Paint Set from The Army Painter.

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